Chiropractic is one of the largest primary contact health care professions in Canada, with over 7,000 practicing chiropractors treating approximately four and a half million Canadians annually with drug free, non-invasive, hands-on care. Chiropractors assess disorders related to the spine, nervous system, and joints of the extremities and provide a diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. The primary goal of chiropractic manipulation, also referred to as adjustment, is to treat areas of decreased movement in the joints, thereby reducing pain and increasing joint function and improve overall health. On your first visit to the office, your chiropractor will complete a thorough patient history and physical assessment. This is performed in order to determine the source of any areas in the body which may be functioning sub-optimally, by looking at the integrity of the spine, and the muscular and nervous systems. The chiropractor is then able to provide a differential diagnosis for your presenting condition(s) and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.